In the ever-evolving threat landscape, Data security also needs to reinvent itself as organizations are increasingly recognizing the need for an evidence-based platform that proves how their data is being protected & Data Security.

This platform allows you to discover structured and unstructured data and safely patch sensitive enterprise data with due compliance. Data privacy framework aligned to the organization’s business, operations, legal, and technology functions. This framework will help drive a culture of data privacy and protection throughout the organization. Platform delivers use cases like masking and deleting the content in any form of structured and unstructured data, tagging, and data snapshots across the organization or their service partners with whom they share their business/customer data and Data Security.

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Smart Scan / Patch
Runtime DataSnapshot
PDF / Excel Reports
Block Drives
Block Contents / Websites
API Integration
Centralized Dashboards
Application Monitoring
Browser Activity Tracking
Risk meter
Secure Patch
Mail Flows

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*Agentless Scanner

Scanner Only(IP +DB)
PDF Report
Parellel / Sequential Scan
Manual Report
Patching (Paid Support)
Basic Mail Support
MySQL /MariaDB /PgSQL (5)
* - Ideal for Small Companies
max DB size suggested 5-10 gb
* Other DB like MSSql, Oracle
- discuss with sales


Agent / Connector Framework
PDF Report
CSV Report
Agent View
Tags view for smart filter
Trend Analysis
Highly Scalable
Tree Structure for advance analysis
Standard support(web and teams call)
DB - MySQL, PGSQL, SQL Server, Oracle
Data Snapshot (Paid Feature)
Restrict File Sharing
Smart Tags
Cloud Scanner
* Distributed Architecture
- Min 2 Servers Required
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Agent / Connector Framework
PDF Report
CSV / Excel Report
Agent View
Tags view for smart filter
Trend Analysis
Highly Scalable
Tree structure for advance analysis
Integrations through API
Mail Notifications
Email Scans
Elastic Search Scans
AWS S3 and storage scans
DB - MySQL, PGSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, RDS
Data Snapshot
Block Drives
Restrict File Sharing
Smart Scan / Smart Patch
Smart Tags / Tag your documents
Runtime Data Snapshot
File Sharing Snapshot
Screen Capture
* Distributed Architecture
- connect with sales for architecture

Upcoming Features (Beta Testing Phase )


Cookies Scanner

Breach Index

Privacy Incident

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 modes of licensing – Scanner , Standard and Enterprise.

If your target is to discover data types in organization so that you can setup your privacy framework, one can opt for Scanner.

Scanner is most suitable for data discovery so that you can utilize to setup your privacy framework. Scanner has limited features and is ideal for small organization and one time scanning.

One should consider min on 16GB of RAM and good core processor to run the scanner. For Standard and Enterprise edition, connect with

For large data sets in drives / databases , the suitable licenses are Standard / Enterprise editions that works on agent + server model. Agents are installed on system for continuous scanning.

Data Privacy framework and data discovery mechanism should follow the consultant approach in targeting the scans. Since the volume of the data will be very huge, it is important to limit your scans to achieve the desired results. If you want to discover all 100% data in your organization, be patient in getting the complete set as data privacy takes time and depends on multiple factors and resource consumptions.

No, one should look for Standard or Enterprise for long term / continuous scanning or large data set scanning. Even if one is going for one time scanning but have large data sets specially in databases, one should opt for minimum standard edition and agent + server model. Scanner is good for small organizations for 1 time scanning

There are no limitations imposed practically, however one should follow consulting approach for data extraction and desired results.

PDF – summary report for management and excel reports for operations.

Connect with to get the desired sizing objective fit for your requirements.

No, Data modification happens only in case of Patching License (where data is masked), or in terms of classifications where data is tagged for classifications. This is license feature for standard / enterprise.

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