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Find below the portfolio of our cyber security automation solutions and card data discovery tools

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Scalable GRC Framework

Compliance Foresight Workflow Based GRC Solution

Data foresight

DataForesight - Sensitive Data Security

Data Foresight- Data Discovery – Data Security


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On Data Science and Data Security. Explore our Data Security and Compliance Products and Offerings card data discovery tools

Data Foresight - Data Security Compliance and Governance Solution

Data Foresight - PII for PII security

Compliance Foresight for GRC Compliance

DataForesight - A data security platform for effective data security

The solution helps organization find your sensitive data and manage the security across the critical sensitive data & card data discovery tools

01 Data Discovery is the key

Data lying everywhere and finding the data is the key to manage the protection level. This is important for the organization as the first step.

02 Scan Data for effective and relevant data

Once the data is discovered, matching the data to find out if it is relevant is the most critical part. Dataforesight tool helps understand the relevant data across the platforms be it Cloud, DB or any other infrastructure.

03 Protect your data to prevent from any breaches

Post data scanning, the most critical part is patching and how to patch the data. This is the most effective part and is always critical for effective planning for patching.

Data Foresight
Compliance Foresight

Workflow Based Cyber Security Automation

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Compliance as PCIDSS, SOC2, ISO 27001, NIST and Others
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Our Services in detail


Implementation of Data Security Platform



Integration Services for integrating with other solutions


Patching Solution

Patching recommendations for data security patching


Compliance Foresight

Customization of Compliance Foresight as per customer requirement


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We would be happy to answer your queries and have all the discussions to make compliance easy for you.


The DataForesight Solution has 2 modes – DataForesight – PII and DataForesight – PCI. Connect with sales@whitehats.tech to discuss more on the same.

DataForesight is built on AI/Machine Learning and Regex Patterns to identify and find the relevant data.

DataForesight is completely on-premise solution hosted within the organization. Any patches released are being provided to organization in a secure manner over the OEM drives not accessible to public. Whitehats helps in patch installation.

DataForesight has three modules – Scanning, Patching and Integrations. Customer will choose any modules or all modules. Connect with Sales at sales@whitehats.tech for more details.

Compliance Foresight is a workflow based cyber security compliance autoamtion platform. It is available in both SaaS Model and On – Premise Deployment.

Be it SaaS Model or On-premise, Compliance Foresight is available in the form of Modules and Licensing is available per modules.


We would love to connect you and discuss further on opportunities to scale and manage your cyber and data security requirements.


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